There’s magic
in the air.


The first nighttime-only orthodontic treatment.

Using our exclusive, patented pulsating air technology, Shhift gently and discreetly straightens your teeth at night so only you and your orthodontist know.


Air-pulsating, nighttime-only,

Unlike painful, unsightly hard plastic or metal devices, Shhift is the first nighttime-only orthodontic treatment that uses pulsating air to ease your teeth into proper position at night. It’s quicker, safer, and more discreet than hard plastic or metal devices. It’s prescribed by your orthodontist.  It completed a successful clinical trial at the University of Alabama. And it’s FDA approved.

Your teeth deserve the day off.


Say no to status quo.


Shhift straightens your smile at night, offering complete discretion. During the day, you’re totally free from devices which means no more brace face or having to remove gross aligners in public.


No more painful changing of wires or aligners
every few weeks. Unlike virtually every other orthodontic treatment, our unique, patented pulsating air technology keeps the blood
flowing between root, gum, and bone for more comfortable tooth straightening.


Your orthodontist prescribes and monitors your treatment in person to make any necessary adjustments. This keeps your teeth, roots, and gums in the most capable hands.


In comparable treatments, Shhift straightens teeth with less treatment time than braces or clear aligners. That’s because our pulsating air technology gently guides each tooth to its final position.


Shhift uses only one aligner set so it’s easy to use. Traditional clear aligners are thrown away about every week—creating a staggering amount of waste.

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who we are

Key Players


As our chairman of the board, Chaim uses his extensive knowledge and connections in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices to guide Shhift from an upstart to a global brand. He is the Founder of CH Health, Chairman of Univo Pharmaceuticals, and senior management at Teva Pharmaceuticals—just a few among many leadership positions he holds in both public and private global medical companies.


Christian is an innovative orthodontist who produces his own clear aligners and 3D prints the tooth models. Together with John, he oversees Shhift manufacturing from his lab in Michigan and manages Shhift’s digital and 3D printing needs. He is a speaker and published author on the benefits of 3D technology for orthodontics.


To help grow Shhift from start-up to global game changer, Shraga, our International CEO, draws upon his network and vast medical industry knowledge to guide R&D, patents, FDA-approvals, and more. He is also the Founder of Medici Medical and a senior leader at Baxter and Promedico—all top medical companies around the globe from which his success and experience are second to none.


John is a Captain in the US Air Force and an expert orthodontist who holds 3 orthodontic related patents. Together with Christian, he oversees Shhift manufacturing from his lab in Michigan. Using his strength in R&D to continuously improve the scope of Shhift’s abilities, he treats more advanced cases with Shhift. He sits on the advisory board for Ortho II and helps manage Shhift’s Clinical Advisory Board.


Geoff is an orthodontist and entrepreneur with one of the fastest growing practices in the US. He’s Shhift’s resident orthodontic expert with a focus on US operations. He advises Shhift’s Board of Directors and company leadership on strategy, marketing, operations, and clinical treatment. He also established and oversees the Clinical Advisory Board to make sure Shhift is the best possible orthodontic tool.


Ranging from former president of the AAO, founders of premier orthodontist social networking groups, authors of orthodontic textbooks, professors and speakers on a range of orthodontic topics, we’ve assembled a group of established orthodontists who have thriving practices and other influence on the orthodontic community. The Clinical Advisory Board ensures we have the best expertise, experience, and network behind Shhift products.